The Hideaway Ella

Ella, just 40 minutes from Haputale, has always been a hideaway to Sri Lankan’s in a true sense of the word. During the WWII this is where the empire building British retreated when faced with the might of the Empire of the Rising Sun, who came knocking on their back door. Today Ella is much more of a laid back town of tea estates and vegetable farmers. Welcome to the eco and trekking capital of Sri Lanka.

The Hideaway, This picturesque little town reminds of everything in miniature, but with some of the greatest views all around. The British Tea Baron, Sir Thomas Lipton had his retreat here to enjoy over his spoils of this far flung corner of the empire and viewed his tea empire from the "Lipton's seat". The climate reminds you of Nuwara Eliya though not so chilly and it doesn’t pour down whenever the sky feels like. Ella is hailed as possessing one of the healthiest climates in the world, & nothing much has happened here to change that. For the better part of the year the climate remains the best for trekking with the wind cooling you down on your grueling walks as the terrain is rarely straight.


The chef would be glad to cook whatever you might want to have, of course the choice is yours to either be on pension basis or set menu. The food comes without the additives as in these parts of Sri Lanka, cooks love to show their prowess in whatever they cook rather than get outside help to do it.

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